Oh God

I was at my friends house, and about 3 hours ago I asked my dad to come and pick me up, now I learn he’s been in a car accident and taken to hospital.
God dammnit.

That’s awful. I hope he’s okay.

Oh…man. That sucks. I hope he’s okay. :too bad;

That sucks. best of luck to him for making it through okay.

I’m sorry to hear that. Keep us posted! Hope he’s ok!

Sorry to hear this. Hope he gets through it ok.

Hahaha I gues you’re stuck at your friend’s house now.

errr, I mean, that sucks man. Car accidents are horrible.

Two people I knew in my school died in a car accident in september, but I can only guess at how you feel. That sucks ;_;

Holy crud, hope he’s okay.

Hope he’s Ok, Dominic…

I got a call this morning, he’s ok but he broke his arm and leg.

I’m very relieved to hear that he survived, Dominic. A broken arm and leg is a pain but he’ll be fine at least. Hope he’ll make a swift recovery, or as swift as possible that is.

That sure does suck. Lets hope for a quick recovery.

May he have a swift recovery.

I went to see him today, he’s doing ok but it’s gonna take him two and a half months to heal.

Wow, glad hes ok. A broken arm and leg is much better then, say, a broken neck. At least while he recovers he get to relax and make your family do everything for him.

Two and a half months? That is a little longer than I am used to see when it’s broken limbs.

Anyway, glad he’s ok.

I hope your father has a speed recovery. Just out of curiousity who’s fault was the accident?

Well I went to see him and he’s ok. Fucking twats at the hospital let him go without pain killers for six hours lasr night, then he just threw the drip and told them not to bother. It wasn’t his fault it was a group of Asian’s trying to skip a red light.`

Yikes… I hope he recovers swiftly, too. Weiila can tell you aaall about having someone with a broken leg in the house… Dad broke his while I was in Canada. Not a car accident, though, just ice.