Ogre Battle Q

Well, not a gameplay question but rather a character question. In the ending A of TO Gaiden, Alphonse Tartare is renamed…but, his new name, Lans Tartare, wasn’t he the dude who went to Zenobia and kicked some major ass?

I don’t know, the knight from MOQB was named Lans Hamilton


Lans Hamilton, your ally during Tactics Ogre, is the same Lans you get in Ogre Battle to fight in Zenobia. Lans Tartare is the other Lans that you fight against during Tactics Ogre, the leader of the Temple Commandos that has a grudge with the “good” Lans. I think that island in TO is called Valeria, though.

Lans Tatarte is the leader of the Black Knights. His country is callled Lodis. This is from Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together. Correct me if I’m wrong.

I believe that no matter which path you take Lans Tatarte is killed.