Ogre Battle Help.

I’m trying to recruit Prince Tristan at the City of Malano and no matter what I do I can’t seem to get him. I have a high reputation and the Key of Destiny. I’ve taken my Lord to Bel Chel and I get a generic line of dialogue saying that a servant of a Knight is looking for me. If I take another unit to Bel Chel I get a robed man telling me Prince Tristin would like to meet with my Lord. I still get the same generic line of dialogue from before when I take my Lord there again. It doesn’t matter what order I do this in either Lord>>> Another Unit>>>Lord or Another Unit>>>Lord. I still get the same results. I’ve tried recruiting him during the battle and after the battle(which is obviously the wrong way) and still I get nothing. Can anyone help?

There is a limit on how many soldiers you are allowed to have in your army (100, I think). Tristan won’t join you unless you have enough room for his whole unit. Try removing some unnecessary soldiers from your army (get rid of those extra mermaids or golems or whatever) before you go to get Tristan.

Oh man, thanks so much. I got him now. I was worried there for a second. :slight_smile:

Yeah, remember to not keep generic troops around unless you’re using them, they’re just clutter and it’s very unlikely that you’ll assign them to anything since you’ll get more higher-level troops than you’ll ever need. You run the risk of losing a lot of recruits, some of the one-time-only, if you don’t keep backup space for at least one whole unit at all times.

I hate ogrebattle. I want to beat this game bad since it has a great setting from what I can see, but I hate the apparent “You’re not allowed to fight anyone weaker than you are” system. My leader always drops to 0 Alignment and Charisma, and my units never seem to level properly enough. Drives me insane.

^I had the same problem when I first started and I actually started over after a while. Some tips in case you’re interested. :hint:

  1. Avoid using your Lord for battle. Unless you don’t care about your reputation, you should keep his/her ALI/CHA high and use him/her just to liberate cities. Personally I like using him along with just a Gryphon both at 100 ALI/CHA just to liberate cities and find Buried Treasure or Chaos Gates.

  2. Early on you can raise ALI/CHA through Neutral Encounters in Pogrom Forest by fighting Ghosts/Skeletons. You’ll randomly encounter them while roaming in the forest. You’ll need to be capable of doing white damage so equip a weapon such as the Rune Axe while fighting them. You can get one in Lake Jansenia from the hidden temple in the southeast or randomly from Buried Treasure.

  3. Speaking of Buried Treasure you can get a lot of great equipment early on if you find the locations in each stage and then move a unit real close to the location and then save right before you get it. Then allow your unit to get it and if the item isn’t to your liking you can reload the previous save and try again. Rinse and repeat.

  4. If you need to lower ALI/CHA you can kill Pumpkins in Deneb’s Garden within the mountains. They’re level 1.

  5. Remember, only the character who kills the enemy gets the ALI/CHA increase/decrease. The rest of the party only gets the exp. Use this to your advantage by grouping powerful unit(s) whose ALI/CHA you don’t care about with weaker unit(s) whose ALI/CHA is where it needs to be but their level isn’t high enough for that class upgrade yet. Or use Tarot Cards to finish off your enemies.

  6. You don’t have to liberate every city/temple or destroy every enemy on the map. Sometimes it’s best to just take out the first wave or two of enemies so they don’t capture your HQ or encounter your Lord. The enemies almost always make a beeline towards your HQ or cities you’ve liberated so it’s easy to predict their movements so you can alter your route and then take on the stage boss.

  7. Low/High Sky movement is REALLY important. I always have every unit with either a Hawkman, Gryphon, or Wyrm.

I haven’t played in a while, so forgive me for this:

Pogrom forest? That’s an… unfortunate name. o_O

Completely intentional name, it’s a haunted forest where there was a huge massacre. That’s why they called it that. I think some guy in a city mentions what it was called before.