Of virus protection and other headaches...

Yeah, so, the conclusion of the latest part in my Epic New Computer Saga was that Windows had kindly installed a new anti-virus (Microsoft Security Essentials) in the latest bundle of updates, which I had failed to notice. However, I was already using Avast, so, yeah that wasn’t a match made in heaven. My computer was fixed by the guys at the repairshop noticing this and uninstalling Avast. I still have SpyBot installed, though, and now I’m unsure whether to keep it or uninstall that too. The comp still works, but I note that MSE scans for spyware too when running a full scan, but I don’t know if it would cause trouble. So I’m a bit wary of running either of them.

What sayeth thee?

You should be fine with keeping SpyBot.

I still use Spybot whenever I fear Avast has missed something. So yeah.

I personally wouldn’t put my faith into Microsoft’s security system; as most companies have their strengths and then their other products purely for diversity and nothing more. I’d say stick with Avast for viruses as it’s worked great for me for years and then keep Spybot if that works for you in regards to spyware/adware and other such intrusions.

Okay, thanks guys. :slight_smile:

Helios: Yeah, I was a bit wary first too, especially since it had crashed my computer so thoroughly. The guys at the repairshop said I could trust it though, so I’ll give it a try for a while.

Yeah, it’s best to stick with the pros! :slight_smile:

I hear people say MSE is pretty good, but it being Microsoft and all, I’m entitled to my doubts…

I’ll list the full supply of what I use mostly.

Virus/Malware Scanners:
Spybot - Self-explanatory.
Malwarebytes - Usually catches what Spybot can’t. If you get it, change the name of the main .exe file, since advanced viruses will attempt to stop it from detecting them.
Avira - Works well enough. Up to you if you wanna use it. (Note: You’ll have to tinker around with some security settings to block the ad that pops up every time it updates; not that hard to do.)

System Cleanup:
CCleaner - Cleans your shit out! Works pretty well, if I say so myself.
Defraggler - Works much better than the standard Defragmenter.
Revo Uninstaller: Works excellent for uninstalling stuff; Windows doesn’t always do a good job of removing things.