Odd thing I noticed...

Despite having the time set to the correct zone in my User CP (US Eastern), all the timestamps on the board seem to be an hour slow.

Is this just me, or has anyone else noticed this?

I actually posted a thread about this not too long ago, and it was eventually found out that the DST code was, to use the technical term, a crock of shit. Switch off the “automatically change for DST” option and set the time manually- that way, you’ll be guaranteed the right time.

It’s because Merl fucks (with) the clock when it comes to DST.

Thanks Neb, was waiting for Merlin to fix it , but pff ;p

listen, I’ve tried like 5 different combinations, and I can’t get it to work. It’s not even seeming to change the time offset counter anymore. I may have to dig aroudn the vb support forums for this once school is out. Be patient for now.

(That’s his way of saying that he’s an incompetent fool who deserves a pay raise)

A raise from 0 to 0?

I’m actually losing money by working here :stuck_out_tongue: A capitalist’s dream employee!