OCRemix made an arranged FFIV soundtrack


And its actually pretty good. I was disappointed by their Tales release. A lot of good old remixes like goat, Ailsean and Dan Hsu aren’t as active anymore and fuck does it show.

A lot of it is pretty good, yeah. I haven’t gotten time to listen to each of the tracks yet though, but I’ll get to it.

But I gotta say, I’m not too fond of the Zeromus tracks. I’m not really a fan of any of the OC Remixes that try to squeeze vocals in there.

I loved “Summertime” (Star Ocean) and quite liked “The Place We Know” (Chrono Trigger).

Won’t get a chance to listen to this yet… but I was also extremely disappointed in both Tales and the FF7 remix soundtracks. Hopefully this one is better.

You should listen to The Rose General (FF9), Spoony. That girl has some pipes. She’s done other covers that you can get from her youtube site or MySpace or something. i recommend You’re Not Alone (FF9).

I’ve never played any of the Tales games but I found some tracks in the FF7 soundtrack to be well done.

I’m glad Pot Hocket’s in the list. He provides some well needed balance to all the rock and electronic/trance mixes ever since Jeremy Robson and The Wingless are less active now.

FFIV? Ughhhh… not one of Uematsu’s better soundtracks. Maybe I’ll listen to it. I already have a nagging feeling they didn’t have much to work with though…

Cid: I agree about the previous remix sets being subpar. They really worked on this one. I agree with Spoony that squeezing in vocals doesn’t really work.

I’ll allow that it’s very likely that lyrics would fail… but the two I mentioned above show it can be done really well.

I’m moderately interested. FF4 is one of my favorite soundtracks, and I think it’s one of Uematsu’s best. However, I pretty much hate what most remixers do with pieces, and I think they tend to remove or downplay the elements I find most interesting from the source material. I understand it’s a remix, so perhaps my argument doesn’t hold much weight; but, if you remove the best parts of the piece, what’s the point?

I didn’t get too far into the soundtrack before I lost interest. Some of the tracks were good, but at times, it felt like they were supposed to have a direction that these tracks were supposed to follow, and didn’t quite reach it. Maybe I should give it another try, but it felt a little jarring to go through such vastly different music styles track by track. At one point, I’m listening to something I could almost see as part of an actual soundtrack, then it jumps right into electronica style.


So, yeah, I have nothing to say about the FFIV thing. Just wanted to weigh in on this matter.

Listened to some of it. Definitely not impressed. Not only did they do what I feared (musical genre ranges all over the place for an incohesive soundtrack, as well as removing the most interesting parts out of pieces), but they also did something that I hadn’t thought about earlier.

A lot of the pieces really trash the original mood of the song. Listen to the Main Theme of FF4, then compare it to the remix. FF4 deals with falling from grace and redemption (albeit a bit childish of an approach, but that is its theme all the same). These feelings are really brought forth in the original composition, but the remix just sounds like background music for a medieval summer action blockbuster flick.

Music is not just about notes, cool licks, (and the quality of your sampled sounds, if you write with midi); music can convey real emotion. I think the original FF4 soundtrack accomplished this; but this soundtrack, like most OCRemix stuff, just feels a more like a great big “Hey, look what we can do!” Boooooooored.

I don’t think you quite masturbated enough over that post of yours, SG. Are you really satisfied?

Alright, after listening to The Rose General, I’ll admit vocals CAN work when done right.

They’re just not done right most of the time. Like in this album. Overall, my opinion of it is pretty ‘meh’ as well.

Next time they do a remix album, instead of keeping it restricted to one game and throwing the genres all over the place, they should just make an album based on a specific genre or theme with tracks from a wide selection of games, provided the theme of the album would work with that track.

I think SG described my problem with this project pretty succinctly. Personally, I really would have preferred something more unified in its theme and style, like Chrono Symphonic, which was their best concept project to date.

There is nothing more boring than musicians “exploring” genres. If you have a passion for Irish music or whatever, then write with passion, and maybe your song can justify wasting four minutes. But exploration is giving up before you’ve started. It’s a cop-out for dullards and has-beens.

This album deserves a yawn.

I know, right? How dare I have a sophisticated opinion about music.

Damn damn damn, a week away from my own computer and even longer before I get ahold of this.

Damn damn damn.