Occasionally I find a youtuber who is just completely made of win

And want to share him:
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I got to play DKC right now. Right now.

Music, bah! You want a GREAT Youtube video? Behold: KEFKA AT A SF CONVENTION!!

(This is hilarious! The guy playing Kefka does a great job! Too bad the sound and lighting suck in certain parts. Still, great work, my favorite part is Kefka ranting how he’s better than Sephiroth. Which he is, y’know. :wink: )

(My thanks to Valk for giving me the link!)

Well that didn’t take long for this thread to turn into a ‘look what I found on Youtube’ off.

Anyway look at what I found on Youtube(again).

But that initial video is fairly impressive too.

Killmore, that would be awesome if more than 4 songs were recognizable.

The Kefka thing was good.

I could recognize more than four songs in that video without needing to look at the info box in the upper right-hand corner.

Ah, DKC…that brings back some old memories. Now if we can find somebody who can do Stickerbush Symphony, that’d be awesome.

And I’ve seen various versions of the SMW videos doing the cool music. Still amazes me to an extent that people can set that up just right.

The Kefka movie was actually funnier than I thought it would be. Lots 'o laughs!

I’ve always said Kefka’s a better villain than Sephiroth! Will’s video takes the award. You can lock the thread now.

Yeah, except that the point of the thread wasn’t to find a best video, and the Kefka thing, while funny, was not too impressive.

I feel like he’s not keeping his beat at all, at least at the beginning. It turned me off so much I had to stop it