Obtaining Rm2k3.. fair means or foul?

Hello, I’m posting here because it appears to have the most traffic, if posting about RM2k3 is not allowed here, sorry… it wasn’t in the forum rules.

I’m looking for the RM2k3.exe and any patches for it. I had heard it was hosted on rpginfinity.com for a time, but I was in jail for that period (what luck huh?). When I got out I looked and looked and saw nothing but random pages for rm2k3 games, as I expected, the games haven’t changed really… just more FF knockoffs (but that series is the standard, how can anything not be an FF knockoff?). sigh I looked some more and found new resources to go with it, but still no program. When I finally browsed a page that looked like a winner, it was littered with php scripts, saying something along the lines of “file missing, cannot generate stream” etc.

I know what you may be thinking… “Hell no I’m not going to tell this punk ass newbie how to get it, then he’s just going to annoy us all with tech questions, I bet he can’t even import a charaset LOL!”.

Well no worries there, as I’m quite adept at the program. Rm2k just doesn’t have enough customizability for my Custom Battle System. That’s why I want it, along with the other new stuff they added (hopefully?).

In conclusion, any help or leads would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

I used to have an FTP with it hidden on it. It was moved to telefragged and I never saw it again ;_;
Edit: www.google.com

hmmm…i have it on my other comp… maybe i can find out where i gots it.

If RPGinfinity no longer has it, Googling is your best bet.

Dark-Dominion has a download link, but the site it links to requires a username. I didn’t follow it all the way through, but you’re welcome to try.