O Percy, Percy! Wherefore art thou, Percy?

Glad you got a kick out of it, Percy. Lord knows I did, too.

You two weren’t the only ones, lol!

Good to see you’re alright. :slight_smile: I hope you get things sorted out and always take care of yourself. :slight_smile:

Oh my god it’s Perc.
I’ve been waiting for you to come around forever cause I wanted to talk to you about something and the thought to use email never occured to me. Well it has now.

Ah, 'tis the long-gone man come back. If you disappear again, always remember there’s a place you can return to… namely, here :>

PercyisbackPercyisbackPercyisbackPercyisbackPercyisbackPercyisback yayyy! dances for him in a medieval fashion :dancer:

I was looking for you too because I needed some help on latin but you werent there and I could have asked someone else but I didnt because nobody is as nice as you ;_;

Glad to know you’re still alive. I still need to take you to a strip club. MEhehee…

holds up his hand like a gun and blows on the would-be-end-of-the-barrel tips of his fingers I clearly control fate.

Best of luck to you, Percival. We’re all cheering you on :slight_smile:

Take care of yourself and keep in touch, man.

Good luck with the therapy, and the job, and the other stuff, n’ stuff.

To be honest, Percival, the impression I get of you while reading your posts is one of quiet, firm confidence. From your way of speech it’s obvious that you are intelligent, and your well-mannered nature is refreshing.

Also, while people come and go here all the time, it was your presence that was missed. I hope you keep this in mind and know that people see you in a positive light.

Take care.

Best of luck with the work, Perc! Go you!

This thread is no longer abot Percival. It is about ME and MY fate-controlling abilities. Clearly this is a sign from the heavens that I am your divinely ordained leader.

Can I attempt to kill you, because if that’s the case, then you’re the Antichrist.

Not outright, but we’ll make a compromise: You drop the kitty charade completely for a week, and I wont stop you from attempting to kill me. Okay?

i joined only two month ago
didn’t knew that there were so kind people here

i like all of you!

He’s alive!

Good luck onwards with the therapy.