My mom picked me up from school yesterday an hour early and took me to the Humane Society to get a cat, as a suprise. I got another kitty named, clears throat Angel (my mom picked that) Azrael Gabriella Black moon Mihouchi Auiler. breathes

Its very sweet and loving and I’l post a pic of her soon.

Thanks to all you who offered me advice when my first kitty died.

Yay, good luck with this kitty. I know how much it sucks when pets die that you are attached too. Nice name by the way.

Great suprise Alyx! It’s so ironic that your cat’s named Angel. That’s mine and my best friend’s sister’s cats’ name!

good to hear, have fun with it… but remember they won’t last long underwater

I’ll remember that next time my mom makes me wash it. My last cat she made wash once a week cause it smelled like cat. What else should it smell like?!?!

Good for you, let us hope it lives a long long life.

And man no offense but your family sucks with cat names o_0


Have fun raising it and that is an original name for a kitty. My girlfriend named her kitty Pizza. Now that’s a weird name.

Good luck!
And some advice: be careful when you let it in, here is a small list of what the cat dragged in: sparrows, mice, slugs, dragonflies, voles. shrews, moles, e.t.c.

Don’t wash kitty.


Huzzah, congrats on the new cat.

My cat smells nice, as long as he doesn’t breathe on you.


My neighbors cat’s name is “cat.” You were just a little more creative with your cat’s name alyx:hahaha; But anyway, have fun with your new kitty.

I dont like cats, but whatever makes you happy.

Somehow, I expected that to happen.

I’m very happy for you, Alyx. I happen to have a cat, whose name is… Alex.

No joke. It was a gift, I got it this year. It’s named after the hero of FF Mystic Quest (I think, it was Val’s idea.) I’m not really a Cat kinda guy, but… we’ve grown close.

But, um, are you SUPPOSED to bathe cats? I always thought they just licked themselves clean. Doesn’t that give them allergies or something?

Bathing cats makes them lose a grease-like thing from their skin, what is bad.

So, don’t bathe cats, they can lick themselves clean.

Originally posted by Wilfredo Martinez
It’s named after the hero of FF Mystic Quest (I think, it was Val’s idea.)

Um…the hero of FFMQ is named Benjamin. :hahaha;

That’s such a sweet surprise :slight_smile: I’m happy for you, Alyx.

Thank you! My cat has a kick ass name!

Yah, but it’s pretty long for just a cute kitty …

yeah imagine calling it