What is with the wave of people joining RPGC and making one or two posts and then vanishing into the night? Right now the PET POSTING THREAD is pretty busy, two newbies have posted one of them left this gem " Nice Post!! Beautiful Pictures of Pet. My favorite Pet is Cat. I love my Cat. 50 Inch Biceps." Am I the only one that is noticing these guys? I feel like it’s Zep making fake accounts just to be a weirdo, but I don’t think it is. But it’s weird.

Yeah I noticed that! lol… I think your scaring them away!!! xD (it’s gotta be your Avatar… it gives everyone a sense of expectation.) xD

But seriously, It’s common in all forums that people just sign up to post once or twice and leave… as for why? I’m clueless too… maybe they just want ti express themselves randomly.

btw, this is my 100th post! doing the chainsaw …this is one newbie that isn’t going anywhere, any time soon! :stuck_out_tongue: Just 5706 more till I reach you Charlemagne… I should be there by the time I’m 30! xD

“Nice Post!! Beautiful Pictures of Pet. My favorite Pet is Cat. I love my Cat. 50 Inch Biceps.”

That makes me wonder if the bots have evolved again. And I thought it was freaky enough when they copied old posts in threads and posted as their own. Skynet is launching, run for the hills!

My theory is that it’s people being paid to post spam in their sigs. Hey, I’d do it too if the pay was good.

On the other hand, not everybody goes hellogoodbye! Have you noticed which of our Boards is the most active right now? The RP BOARD! Hah! I remember when some of us used to make fun of it… :smiley:

It’s only the most active because there are two or three people on it posting constant Twilight-esque teenie vampire softcore porn RPs.

A pox on you, 984, I had to go look because I thought you were kidding. Now I’ll spend the whole evening feeling vaguelly confused. I… have no idea what I just read. Were they even interacting with the other players or just talking to themselves half the time?

Why would I ever kid about that? Why would I ever come up with that idea? It’s inconceivable!

You keep using that word…

So long as the Skynet bots are only posting photos of their imaginary pets with biceps and not RPing. If they learn to RP, we’re all doomed.

I kind of like them, I play games with them like “who posts the most” and I pretend they fight and stuff. It’s like the Spambot Olympics, and don’t even get me started on my upcoming short film compilation “Spambot Carnival”.

They are evolving faster than screamers!

To think we used to make fun of it.

We still do, it’s just that the players are actually 984, Sin and Val under pseudonyms, so they delete all the comments poking fun at their game.

I never see anyone else active in the Role-playing forum, apart from the 3 or 4 mentioned above and a lot of people that don’t post much (other than that forum… in the past.) As for me, I don’t have any experience in it, so I wouldn’t know where to start! xD

RPing is easy. You just react (in character) to whatever someone else posted. Of course the best ones include some pretty good writing, but that depends on the skill of the individual poster. And we used to have some magnific RPs here; my favorites were the Final Fantasy inspired one (I played a Red Mage :wink: ) and the Superhero School one (using original characters).

oh okay, cool! Does there have to be a lot of dialogue… by that I mean do you have to respond in a (short-story like) way, or is just normal conversational type? I had a look through some threads and some people wrote pretty big amounts so it looked kind of hard!

Its like playing with action figures, only you use words instead of toys. The rules are always different, but there are general guidelines and stuff.

Normal conversation is best. Of course if you have a lot of ideas nothing stop you from implementing them (just remember to work with the rest of the players; don’t interfere with their plans unless you arrange something beforehand.) Some of us are rather more… verbose than others, but each player decides how he or she does his part. The idea is after all, to have fun.

Okay, yeah! I guess I got to give it ago some time… sounds cool! :slight_smile:

No, Weilla, that’s the hand of God.