I hath foundeth it… the Holy Grail! or not. But I found something much much better that makes me insanely happy and excited.

That’s right kidd - er, older… people? It’s Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles! OMG! explodes with sheer hyper bounciness:hyperven: :mwahaha:

The music is the best thing about that show.

Not a big fan of CLAMP :confused:

I’ll have to agree with NB on this one, I haven’t found anything by CLAMP to date that I can stand watching.

Magical Knight Rayearth is decent.
At least the first manga storyline was (the second was just stupid), dunno how closely the anime follows it.

I have all of it burned onto a DVD, and let me tell you, I couldn’t even finish watching the first 6 episodes, it was so boring :confused:

I only watched the first episodes of Tsubasa and it kinda sucks ^^; the manga is way better…

I just can’t stand CLAMP, with the exception of the X/1999 series. And that only because it was one of the first series I ever saw and has nostalgic value.

Isn’t there supposed to be a remastered release of X coming out soon?

I find the series to be completely mediocre. I’ve actually started to like xxxHolic though, despite having the most annoying protaganist since Evangelion.

I’m going to have to check those episodes out, when I get some free time. And a decent computer to watch them on.

Hopefully, it will be pretty good. But somehow I think the manga will still be better.

This totally blew up in his face.