NY approves gay marriage

I felt it was important to point out how big a milestone this is. While they’re not the first, this is nonetheless huge. The significance of this is surely going to have shockwaves that will be felt all the way to the election. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. In the meantime, proposition H8 is working its way through the courts. The next couple years will be indubitably be turbuluent.

That’s great for the folks in NY. Where I live, in my neighbourhood particularly, there is a strong gay population and despite this there is still conflict from homophobes. I can only imagine it would be even tougher in the States, mind you New York City itself is fairly metropolitan from what I’ve seen and heard (perhaps an understatement?).

It’s interesting the length of time it takes places to allow this. I mean, California is one of the gayest states in the U.S. But it’s still taking forever.

From George Takei’s twitter:

I <3 NY. (That’s a heart, not a butt.) #MarriageEquality #Prop8MustGo

Oh hey, New York’s finally become as progressive as Iowa.

Well, actually, Iowa legalized gay marriage through the judiciary. So Iowans didn’t really have a say in it.