NWN SOU Crashing

I got Neverwinter Nights: Shadows of Undretide expansion pack recently. I have been playing the new campaign.

The problem is it keeps crashing my computer. I would be playing, and suddenly, the music would pause, and nothing would respond to my actions. Not even Alt+Tab

I have tried a lot of things. Even defragging my computer a couple times. But i cant fix it

How much ram do you have, and what operating system are you using?

I have 256megs of ram on windows xp

I"m using DirectX 9. The box says i should use 8.1. Does that really hurt anything

No, that doesn’t hurt anything.

XP is a resource hog, so in all likley hood you don’t have enough ram to run an extra program, especially something as intricate ad NWN. Get more ram - for XP you should probably upgrade to 512 mbs, at the least. If you can have more, by all means put more in - there really is no such thing as too much memory.

I figured out the problem and solved it. It was the Cataylst driver for my ATI Xtasy graphics card. It is a really bad driver.

I replaced it with Omega driver. It appears not to have crasehd since.

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