number of views

A question for Sysops, just out of curiosity: I noticed that there was a change in the way thread views are counted. Old threads:
22 replies and 329 views

Threads started in the last two weeks:

views = # replies +1

Is this intentional, or there is some glitch in the system?

it’s probably something VB modified in a recent version to make thread views more accurate or something.

Repeated views are discounted now, it seems.

Number of posts (including the OP) = number of views.
It looks like the views counter was disabled. If you just read the thread without posting on it, you are a nonentity :wink:

I just noticed that the views counter is back in order as of today (Apr 10).
Now I can sleep in piece…. :wink:

Sometimes when I make posts, the view appears to be 0, whilst replies is beyond 0.

This is working as intended. It’s a feature.

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