Number of Posts

Why is it that if you make posts in the free roleplaying forum it does not affect the amount of posts you have overall on your account?

Because we like to act like the freerp forum doesn’t exist.

Yeah, what Steve said.

I think that it’s more because it’s one of the most spamable forums that we have (which is also why the polling forum doesn’t count).

Yeah what they said

A mixture of Steve and GAP’s reasoning. It used to eb a spam fest at the RP forum, but since it’s, you know, died and all, not much point to it I think.

We here at RPGC aim to keep internet life just like real life. Since roleplaying doesn’t increase your real penis, doing it online won’t increase your epenis.

epunches get instituted any time soon?

Because post count doesn’t matter unless you’re Setz

Normally I don’t visit this forum, but when I do I’m glad to see gems like this. :slight_smile:

if your not a forum person Posts dont count in rpg just ineverything else

the number of posts I have is not updating itself. It says I have 149 posts, but I have counted at least 3 posts it has not taken into account. Is something not working, or are my eyes deciving me?

Some forums do not contribute to post count.