nqyltsy and yedkreq

Anyone ever seen these viruses before? they resist everything including hijack this and a format and windows won’t start up in safe mode (saying to run an antivirus).

Fixed. Got a free copy of norton from my university. w32.dotex

Oh god remove norton, it will fuck up your system so much. Get Avira or Avast! instead.

Actually it wasn’t norton, but symantec. I always get the 2 confused. I hate norton like the fucking plague.

Symantec has the same habit >_> It’s not AS bad but really, just get one of the AV programs I linked above. Both have better detection rates than norton/symantec as well.

They must be some of those MBR viruses I’ve heard of, but never actually witnessed. Either that, or they’re exploiting some kind of weakness in the filesystem - since a typical format doesn’t really wipe everything clean, it just sets flags that say it’s okay to write stuff anywhere.

It sounds like TD’s got you covered, but I’m curious as to the details of this weirdness.

the only format type solution for a boot sector virus is booting into a Win98 boot disc and Fdisk-ing the drive to delete all the partitions. Than reformatting it afterwards. A WinXP format sadly will not completely wipe the partition table.

Sorry I missed this Sin.

I would have given you the once over on how to run Autoruns and Process explorer, and also suggested Combofix. (If you wanted to avoid Format but you obviously didn’t care =)

Or GParted.

sorry for resurrecting an old post but i recently discovered that the file nqyltsy.exe is on my startup list and cannot be removed. I was preparing to reformat my HD but decided to see if there was another option. Also wish i could understand what Khal said :hahaha;



Try Combofix (after running your backup of course)