NowPlaying Phantom Brave

In terms of addicting stat building it’s the worst. Flat out. Plotwise it looks like it’s gonna be interesting (just a few hours into the game). Umm… not much else to say.

Spikey hair!

You’ve never played La Pucelle Tactics eh?

I found the plot rather lackluster, especially compaired to, say, Disgaea. But the game itself is rather fun and interesting. However, like Disgaea, it loses a lot of its replay value later unless you enjoy mindless leveling.

No, I played through that one. That was a chore as well, but it had a certain charm to keep me going.

Welcome to the game where the stat raising producers went crazy. I made it through, but it took me the whole damn game to understand how everything worked. :stuck_out_tongue:

The key to levelling in Phantom Brave is Failure Dungeons. Feel free to ask myself or GG if you need any help.

I didn’t really care for it : /. I got stuck at the end, now have to level.

Thanks, but I gave up. I just didnt feel like slogging through this one.

If you have trouble understanding the mechanics of the game or how to effective level your character I can not reccomend Double Jump’s strategy guide enough. Unlike most walkthroughs that are filled with maps and checklists this one’s all about explaining how the game works and plotting out effective strategies to master it. Really really useful. I was completely lost when I first tried the game, but after getting the guide everything just sort of “clicked”.

End rant testimonial. XD