Now THIS is what I call good image quality...

Photograph of one Gigapixel

… Sweeeeeeeeeeeeet. That image is only 40 times my screen resolution.

And to think I used to think 2 Megapixel digicams were good enough O_o

<img src=“”> Jesus o_O

Holy Crap!

Oh, I just saw the file size as well… 2,068,654,055 Bytes. That’s 1.9265842 GB o_O;;

That pic is bigger than most DivX files!

Thats pretty schweet

That just blows my mind. Wow.

What do you need that amount of pizels for anyway? A continuation of your HD-Size-envy causing?

o_0 ::dekar!::

Woah! Awesome.

Maba, regular analog photography produces pictures that are far more than a gigapixel in resolution. This is one place where digital use has to scramble to even get close to analog quality. Then again, printers have more or less managed it by now, so it’ll probably only be another few years before digicams will be there too, if only the very expensive ones.

A gigapixel, damn that’s a lot of pixels!

Holy crap! That makes my Photoshop class projects look like shit :hahaha; .


It can’t be very useful with that filesize though, you’d end up with ten photos on a 10gB minidrive.

Fo’ shizzle.

…I am lost for words. ::dekar!::

:hyperven: That’s a-fucking-mazing!!!

Where’s the full-sized image?
What’s that a picture of?

Cid makes a good point though, while it’s amazing for a digital camera, it’s nothing special when compared to analog.

True that, but on the other hand you get less “noise” with a 1 Gigapixel image as opposed to an analog image, leading to better overall quality.

I can’t appreciate this because I don’t know any technical things about computers. But I’ll say its awesome anyway.