Now this is just hilarious

"I mean, you have many, many stab wounds and those ‘Dungeons and Dragons’ fantasy games involve swords and knives and daggers and things of that nature. There may be a connection but I can’t say for sure.”

That reasoning is just hilarious.

Holy shit. Did that guy just jump back 20 some odd years?

Wow…that’s sad.

Why not bring back hair curl analysis and phrenology while they’re at it?

Reads Thread Title… Expects Funny News Story

Clicks Link

Reads Headline

Triple murder? That’s not funny, even with the D&D quote. =(

Hehe, whoops, I didn’t realize this till now. I had a different title, and I was going to replace the comment on the quote with that. Wow. I look like a complete idiot now.

Good Lord, there should be a penalty for saying stupids things like that.

Kitchens have knives too! No one ever blames the influence of housewives!

You got a point there. I dont think things like games tell people what to do or influence them. Its just an excuse people have for killing people and trying to get people to stop playing them. If u ask me i think its gay they blamed this thing on this guy playing dungeons and dragons. I mean he might play it but it doesnt mean he was influeneced by the game to kill those three girls. He could have just been mental or he had problems. AHHHHHH!!! What people say these days. It sucks becasue some kids cant play certain games. such as Grand theft Auto San Andreas. They say the killing will influence their kids to kill and the stealing, will influence them to steal. Well u know what i say to that Bull Crap.
Same happened to a froup of teens who where accussed of killing a little girl. The Parents said they wouldnt do that. The attorney for the victims parents said the final fantasy 7 game they played basically influence them to kill her, turns out they didnt kill her, a serial killer killed her, her blood was all over his clothes, and he was in that neighborhood that month . The city made a warning that there was a killer in the area. Oh and what made me happy about that case, the attorney got sued. lol And you should have seen the look on her face when she lost the case.

Well games can definately influence someone to do something like that. But you can’t be playing with a full deck if that happens. Or maybe you can be. After all, games can motivate you to do a lot of good things as well (to try to be a hero perhaps?) so it must go both ways.

Its not his fault they missed their saving throws.

There’s knives, stabbing, and violence everywhere. News. Newspapers. Neighbourhood. Cartoons. Did he even play D&D or are they just afraid of blaming Fox Networks?