Not that you guys care.....

But, I finally got to get new Anime stuff! I haven’t gotten any in so long!:


Cyber Idol Mink- 2
Love Hina- 1


Hyper Police DVD Eps 1-4
Sabor Marrionett J DVD Eps 1-6

Saber Marionette isn’t anything original but it’s somewhat funny. The others I don’t know.

A ten year old reading Love Hina. Way to go for premature corruption!

Heh, I know it’s not that good, but it only cost $3 to rent soooooo…will my mind really be currupt?

Yes, but another six months at this board will erode every last bit of sanity and decency so It doesn’t really matter. However, taking in account your bazooka-wielding-cat-girl-double-personality quirk, it would be safe to assume it’s working faster for you.

EDIT: Three bucks? Damnit, I pay twelve for D.N.Angel and nothing ever gets lower than $6.

Everything is more expensive down here, Seraph. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think Love Hina was pretty innocent

Another ecchi manga, Negima, got a cover on it at borders so you had to buy it first. they thought it was innapropriate. When I read it, I found it to be kiddish

I just got it yesterday…and I’m about half-way through…I don’t think it’s currupted my mind yet. And, about covers, do you mean the Love Hina one? They are almost all in bakinis…

No. I mean you had to buy Negima at the store. You could not read it there becasue they thoguht it was innapropriate.


Has the whole set in his anime shelf


NOT FAIIIIIIR! I just rented the second and watched it at a sleep over…must…rent…third…oh, and this part from Sabor Marrionett ish very funny:

No fair…I didn’t finish posing…

How about you come to my house and watch hyper police vol 3 with me

I live in Nashua NH Mew…but that would be cool…but I can rent it for $3 here so oh well!


Well waht do you look llike anyways

Uhhhhh…I have mediumish length brown hair, and steel blue eyes?


… please tell me you’re not trying to pick up an 11 year old, Mew.

Oooooh SNAP! That has to be the best online cock-block I’ve ever seen… good times… good times…

smiles cause hes tired and is still awake at 7:00 am :boring:

On a totally unrelated note, I’d like to say, “Hey there kirokokori… How you doin?” grin

I was afraid he’d ask what she was wearing next ::doh::

I wouldn’t answer that! Besides, he dousn’t even know my name so who cares if he knows my hair color?