Not technically for a _shrine_, per se...

So, I’m thinking about starting a little project for myself. It’s probably never going to come off the ground, so I won’t mention what it is and get the one or maybe two people’s hopes up who’d be interested in it. That part isn’t what’s important, though.

In my couple of hours of toying around with this probably-wont-exist project of mine, I quickly realized something; the days when I fluently knew HTML are past. Now, mind you, if you need something whipped up in HTML 2.0, I can do it, god dammit, and it’ll be as good as Netscape 3 or IE 4 could support! But, uh, I think the internet’s moved past that. So, in no particular order, here’s some things that my knowledge of are, well, laughable (or, at the very least, need improvement enough that one could call that improvement an “overhaul”): javascript, css, php, and any new tags that are considered HTML 4.0 standard. Now, I’m not asking anyone to teach me all of that. Oh, no, that’d be crazy. Most of that I’ll learn just like I learned HTML back in the day: by reading people’s source code. I do however have one question.

I’m trying to make something where, if one clicks on a “link,” it expands a little menu under it, that can be collapsed by clicking the link again. There would be several of these collapsable menus on this page. Of course, I could do this with my old fashioned HTML 2.0, but it’d require several dozen pages, and the whole page would be refreshed every time someone clicked on something, and in today’s era of efficient code, that’s probably not acceptable.

So, I’m kinda humbled to be asking for help in something that I used to consider myself “somewhat skilled” in, but I am. So if someone could tell me how to do this, or at least point me towards a decent tutorial (so I don’t have to rummage the internet to find a site that does what I want…), I’d really like it.


I thought I should clarify; I’m looking for a text-based link with a text-based menu that appears beneath it. If you need a visual, imagine the TOCs on our front page. Say, if one clicked on “Game Info,” all the selections beneath it popped out, and if one clicked it again, they all disappeared again. That’s what I’m looking for, so if someone can help me do that, that’d be great.

You’d need to use JavaScript and DOM. DOM is an “add-on” to JavaScript supported by all current browsers which allows you to dynamically add or delete elements from a page - any element, meaning you can add or delete text, images, or any other HTML tag. However, it’s really annoying to use. -_- It’s not a simple thing to do.

Well, if you could lead me to a decent tutorial or something, I’m more than happy to learn… >_>

I don’t know one offhand, sorry… just do a Google search. ^^; JavaScript is pretty basic programming, but if you’ve never done programming before you may find it slow going. I’d tell you just to take out a Dummies book on it to get the basics if it’s your first try. DOM is basically just JavaScript with extra functions in it; there are a few pages on the web that do a decent job of explaining it.

I’ve done some javascript in the past (and some C++, which is incredibly similar), but I’m just not real savvy about it. I’ll check on some tutorials.