Not sure if anyone knows this...

Soul Calibur Movie

Some news concerning the movie.

Well, I didn’t know about it. Thanks, Darkil.

Note, however, that there’s dozens (if not hundreds!) of movie adaptations in development in hollywood… very few actually make it.

On the other hand, Fantasy and Action movies are in vogue these days (especially now that RotK won so many Oscars!) so you never know.

I only hope one thing: that if it gets made, it gets made WELL. Remember the Street Fighter movie? Arrgh!! :thud: (Soul Calbur at least has interesting characters and ideas… might need some writing to pad it up, tho.)

Hey man Street Fighter kicked ass. And this should be quite good if performed correctly.

I didn’t know about this. I wish they’d have announced a little bit about the storyline though, I’m interested to see whether they will take the story from the game.

I dont know,i will keep my hopes up it will turn up being good,but good video game movies are almost impossible to come by yet.

This has the potential to be a really good movie- let’s just hope we’re looking at a Mortal Kombat and not a Streetfighter here.

Indeed…I hope this is done well.

And I hope Cervantes is in in it. :hahaha;

I’m assuming no Link/Spawn, etc. If it gets good reviews I might see it.

I wasn’t aware SC had enough story to make a decent movie. Kinda reminds of MK.

SC has plenty of storyline- if you read the character profiles in SC2 you’ll find out there’s enough for a good novel or two (actually a current fanfic project of mine), the trick is limiting it to only a handful of great characters- i.e. no Voldo. :runaway:

Yeah, the problem with the movie would either be cut characters (or just minor) or just a freakin confusing plot.

I know the characters have depth. But I’m gonna guess it’s gonna be more fighting than plot.

I’m hoping they do cut some of the characters so that they can focus on particular storylines. I really hope they don’t cut Nightmare or Cervantes though. And I agree with Neb, Voldo’s gotta go.

Call me insane, but I LIKED Voldo. I always found him interesting, for some reason, and he’s a pretty damn good fighter once you get used to him.

Sophitia and Cassandra actually do have a nice plot behind their characters. Maybe that’s what they’re filming. The other possible choices would be about Xianghua, Yunsung and Maxi (I think that’s the trio that travelled together) or possibly just about Kilik. Nightmare is too good a stereotypical villain to make a protagonist :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it was Xiangua, Kilik and Maxi…not sure, though.

Funny thing about all this is a year or so ago they were talking about doing this movie (well before SC2 came out). A friend of Jackie Chan’s was going to produce it, however his name escapes me. I will say this, if this movie ends up being another Street Fighter… :runaway:

I’m really not going to take any of these video game movie makes to heart until I see some trailers.

I would like to see how well they actually create Nightmare’s character, if they have him in it. Since he has got one of the coolest outfits and weapon in that game, in my opinion.

Originally posted by GG Crono 4
I think it was Xiangua, Kilik and Maxi…not sure, though.

It was, Yunsung hung around with Seung Mi Na, who, incidentally, would be no great loss from the story, and nor would Hwang- gotta have Taki in it somewhere, though, ditto Mitsurugi :hahaha;