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…but hicks do have something in common.,1280,-4036938,00.html

Stupid 18 years to drink laws…the kids probably jumped in front of the car.

Police had initially Francoeur with drunken driving but dropped the allegation during plea bargaining.
He thought a dead body was an AIRBAG? How fucking drunk was this idiot?!

This should teach everyone not to drink and drive…or to go to Canada (this rule excludes Evangelion and other Canadians at RPGC).

Okay, if that guy hasn’t had kids, I hope he gets killed so he can be nominated for the Darwin Award.

Bing, it’s 19 years in Canada.

Also, you’d have to be fucking stupid to ASSUME they jumped in front of the car. HE DIDN’T EVEN NOTICE THAT THE BODY WAS ON THE CAR UNTIL HE GOT HOME! Why the fuck would you even TRY to place blame on the victim? Jesus.

If you’re on foot, you get as far away from the car as you can, esp. if it’s not driving correctly. Yes, it’s still very possible to hit someone on foot, but they must have been pretty dumb too to be anywhere near such an uncontrolled car.

That depends how fast the car was going, and whether the car was even driving ON THE ROAD.

If it’s on the road going fast, you should be far off the road. If it’s on the road going slow you should have time to react. If it’s not on the road, wouldn’t it be smart to hide behind some trees, a brick wall, maybe climb over some rocks (depending on what’s around you)?

I’m not saying this is the victim’s fault, but I AM saying he must have been pretty dumb too.

[/end pointless debate]

Dude…you’d have to be clairvoyant in order to know whether you were going to get hit or not. If you walk on the street you’re obviously not gonna think about whether or not you’re gonna die today, you’re thinking about anything but your mortality…I don’t think that counts as idiocy. :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually no, it’s 18 to drink in Alberta and QUEBEC. 19 everywhere else in Canada.

This is also in Quebec people, it’s like, some reject napoleonic frenchie world. Everyone there is a little bit crazier.


You, sir, are an idiot. I personally have been run down by a speeding car, and there was no possible way I could have reacted in time to get out of the way. I fail to see how that makes me dumb for getting hit. Same in this case, I really don’t see how getting hit by an erratic car makes him dumb, and even if he was dumb I doubt he was dumb enough that someone like you could call him that.

Dude, when a car is going speeds of 45-70, it’s pretty hard to get out of the way.

Also, this story spawned episodes of CSI and Law and Order. It’s a pretty interesting story.

I intend to carry a long retractable stick with me. If a car tries to run me over, deploy the stick and impale the driver.

That won’t stop the car, though.

If the car was going 45-70, you probably would have noticed a speeding car and gotten far out of the way, or at least you SHOULD have gotten far out of the way.

Also, if the driver is too drunk to notice when he hits someone he probably wasn’t driving in a straigt line either, which should signal again to get the hell away. Even from a distance this isn’t too hard to notice.

I’d draw up on personal experiance, but I’d prefer let the arguement die. I just want it known that I’m not blaming the victim for his death, just commenting that it may have been avoidable if he’d have been paying attention to his surroundings.

Yes! More proof that Americans aren’t the only stupid group in existance!

For that CSI, Choping up a merc, i curse him.

I haven’t seen that Law and Order, I’m a few seasons beind the US. It’s the year the Spin-offs started. Next week its the episode with that Guy from Baltimore.

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Old men and cars are a bad combination. *Nod, nod.

Yep. Like the old guy a year or so back that drove into a farmer’s market (he fell asleep at the wheel) and killed a bunch of people -_-

That’s why I said so.

now i know why i have a free bus pass, i can’t drive.

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if i did, i might be dead or killing some one.