Not getting any response for my shrine request.

Sorry, but I don’t know what else to do then to post here.

I have sent in several requests to do a shrine for Inindo: way of the ninja.

I have not recieved any e-mails back ( its been like a few weeks ).

How long does it take for them to get back to me?

Where did you send the e-mail? Are you sure it’s going to the right place?

If it’s been a few weeks you may have sent it to the wrong address or it’s a game that we’re not sure whether is shrinable or not and Dalt has forgotten to start a discussion on it.

If it’s none of the above then sen dthe e-mail agian.

Sorry about bumping up an old topic, but I have a related question. I’d just like to know how long it is reasonable to wait for a response before assuming something went wrong with the E-Mail.

I got your email, and I’m responding to it right now. Sorry… my connection was knocked out for quite a bit of time, but it’s back up now.

I was just wondering if you got mine too? I applied for the Runescape shrine. My e-mail was Thanks in advance.

Yep, I did. I’ll set you up as soon as possible. 8)

Thanks alot :slight_smile:

Dalton, have you responed? Because I haven’t received an E-Mail from you yet. I also have been checking my spam box, and nothing’s been delivered there either…

LiteYear, be patient. He’s got a few weeks of backlogged e-mails to go through.

Thanks, Xelo.

I’ll get to it late today if I have the energy (I’m exhausted from work and lack of sleep) or tomorrow.

Alright, I apologize. I guess I did sound impatient, although that wasn’t my intention. I just interpreted your previous post as you respoding to me right at that moment, and I was afraid that I missed it.

Umm… sorry to interject, but are you going to put me up for HM GBC3, Dalton?
I’ve been doing work on it like crazy recently! - I hope that’s not to waste.


So, wait, are we no long er supposed to send Shrine requests to

Nope, Dalton was in charge of the Shrines when this Thread was working, But RPT has taken charge of the shines on since the last post before yours…

BN is the Email you need. Dalton is not in charge.