Not all Onion Kids are created equal.

Oh good.

So, Square Enix is going to try and give the Onion Kids some personality in the plotline.
And they’re going to try and balance the classes. And supposedly you’ll be able to touch-screen your way through the game, if you want.
And some mysterious wireless capability.

Man!!! I’m going to have to get a Nintendo DS because of this!!! Stupid Square Enix not releasing it on the GBA…

I’ve said this once and I’ll say it again- I think FF3 should have been done with FFO. They localized II, so why not bring III with it? Anyway, it is good news, although I probably won’t play it because I don’t buy handhelds.

Ya i heard something like this was going to happen or at least expected it, final fantasy will be coming out forever -.-’

I am very saddened that I won’t be picking up an NDS. VERY saddened. 8-(