Not afraid of terrorism

Support the movement. Show to terrorisms that what they are doing is not working.

Terrorism is not about damage, but fear. If people are not afraid, then Al Qaeda & similars will be out of business.

This is stupid.

I actually find it very meaningful. I’ll decide whether or not it’s a good idea for me to do this when I can discern the difference between worry and genuine concern. You know, because I don’t want to be a coward but I’m afraid I am. -__-

I don’t think the terrorists really give a shit.

“I’m not afraid of you!”


translated from Terrorish Yay, more victims! More fear for those who DO fear us!

Mull: Fearing for your life, and your loved ones’, is not cowardice. Allowing propaganda (and that includes terror campaigns) to influence your decisions is.

Ren is right: the less people allow their lives to be disrupted by terrorism, the less terrorists will be tempted to continue their attacks. These attacks are NOT easy: they require money, time, weapons, planning, and risk-taking. Sure, there will always be SOME nut who thinks killing innocents achieves SOME purpose, but if none of the Worlds’ nations allowed their actions to be coerced by threats, many would look for some other way to achieve their goals.

I don’t think terrorists will be influenced by seeing pictures in the internet. However, if this movement helps people FEEL like they’re doing at least SOMETHING about the situation, then it’s worth it. Again, resisting the psychological aspect of terrorism IS important.

This is not about actually affecting terrorists, it’s about instilling the right reaction to terrorism - normality - into the people’s minds. So if this movement helps showing the people that running and hiding is the wrong solution, then it isn’t stupid.

It won’t achieve anything, even if terrorists were to visit the page, who they’re afraid of isn’t the people who go out of their way to show that they’re not afraid or afraid but those who don’t.

Enough said.

It’s bringing people togeather, I wouldn’t be apart of it but whatever floats your boat.

I gotta admit, it is pretty pathetic, but if it makes people feel better what the hell.

I swear to god though, it better not start any 7/7 shit.

“7/7 shit”?

If it make you feel relaxed, if you need to be relaxed: do it!


Urk’s 7/7 is the Date of the London Blasts, like 9/11 is the Date of Tradecenter.


7 attacks on july 7th. Very important to those who wear tin-foil hats.

I dunno…I’m pretty scared of bombs and shit myself.

Edit: shouldn’t it be 7->7/7 or 7:7/7 or something else witty like that


I don’t know what to make of people proclaiming their bravery on a website…

That…their, um, brave and stuff?

Wow, this is so pointless it’s not funny.

The terrorists should totally post their own picture on that site. They could be giving us thumbs-up saying GOOD FOR YOU or something.