Norton Anti-Virus help

I need help with Norton Anti-Virus. The motherfucker had another error and told me to uninstall then re-install. I don’t know how to go about this. And I’ve already checked out the tech. info of the Norton page but can someone explain

I’ve never used Norton, but word of mouth is that it blows. I get a strange satisfaction out of reinstalling windows and tinkering with settings, so you might not like this suggestion, but…I’d reinstall and not use Norton.

It does suck shit. Hell it won’t even deleat anything. Also, it’s not my choice to use it. Since this is my mothers computer she calls the shots. I may be getting a computer in a few months though. I’ll make sure to find somrthing that works.

Welll…if your mom’s not too computer savvy, you might be able to get away with just turning all the settings off but leaving Norton on, so she thinks it’s running.

The big red X over the icon will give it away.

Norton AV sucks ass. Norton AV Corporate kicks ass.

Bring up Norton Antivirus, go to help and support and go to Norton Antivirus professional help. On the left there should be three tabs, click the search tab and type in uninstall in the keyword to find area.

I fixed it. I hate that damn thing though.

EZ Firewall kicks more ass.