Norton alternatives?

I’ve been hearing more and more about Norton being unnecessarily heavy and slow, and how there are much better alternatives. Seeing as I’m basically dragging the leftover dregs of my machine until I can get a new one, it’s vital for me to not load it any more than necessary.

The question is, what exactly are these alternative and what are your opinions on them? The only name I currently remember is AVG.

Symantec Anti-Virus. It does its job without bothering you with it.

Very much appreciated, but I forgot to say I’m on Win98 :confused:

I’ll be looking on an older version later, for now I’ll just plug AVG so as not to go around naked (I uninstalled Norton but don’t have the disk at hand).

Forgive me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Symantec the company that makes Norton?

Yes, but they’re seperate products. Symantec antivirus is good though.

Yes, they are, but Symantec Anti-Virus isn’t Norton. They’re two seperate products, with different source code; they’re based on different techology, and they’re aimed at different markets - business and home, respectivly.

AntiVir is also very good if you’re looking for a free, yet reliable, anti-virus.

I honestly like AVG, I think it works quite well.

Thanks, for clearing that up TD and Nul.