Nobody expects the spanish inquisition!

Do you play Magic: The Gathering? Are you a Monty Python fan? Then boy, do I have a deal for you! Check this out!


(Being a MTG player, but not online, i sure kinda hope this isnt made into real cards. But it would be kinda funny.0

I would actually learn how to play MtG if those cards existed.

I wish i had that rabbit.

The cards do exist, though whether just for the Holy grail or for all of Monty Python i don’t remember. I have seen them, well like 3 or so.

There used to actually be a Monty Python Holy Grail trading card game (separate and unto its own, not related to MtG at all). It was short lived, but I bought several packs.

Hilarious stuff. In order for the cards to have the effect described on them, you had to read the dialogue on the card IN the appropriate voice from the film. Yes, that was actually in the rule book.


I have the magic card “knight of the hokey pokey” and “mesa chicken”. Both in which you have to do a dance to get the cards full effect.

the link works but everything get’s that stupid little red X

Originally posted by |Damage|
the link works but everything get’s that stupid little red X

You just have to reload the pics themselves. The same thing happened to me, but a right-click “Show Picture” got them all to work.