No talk of Catherine?


Upcoming game from Atlus and the Persona Team. This time it’s less RPG and more Action game. I would love to see this out in the US. Atlus has released “nichier” games before, so I’m sure it’s a matter of time.

Wasn’t she a Queen of England?

Oh you mean a video game. No hadn’t even heard of it.

What is it, a horror game with eroge elements? What’s the story?

No, it is about the Queen of England :expressionless:

It’s a horror action/adventure game.

I’ve been following this for a while now. It looks really interesting, although I’m not sure if it’ll make it here.

Thanks for the link.

Hmm. Sounds like “Nightmare On Elm Street: The Light Novel”. Not my kind of game. However, being made by Atlus, who have made some of the best, quirkiest games ever (like the Persona series) I won’t dismiss it yet.

I find the sheep costume thing very freaky though. Reminds me of some animated ad online last year where normal people were sheep and some kind of social rebels were monsters that ate them. The Hell was that about?

I guess I can see how you wouldnt have heard of it. As far as I know, Kotaku has been the only site following it. The fact that it has a Persona vibe to it, and has music from the same composer, without the dating sim elements, I’m all over it.

And like I said, Atlus has released far more quirkier stuff before. It won’t be the nichiness that will affect the game’s future here, it will be the sex. Because we all know, sex in games is more damaging than violence.

Good GOD this game looks amazing!

Nabbing the soundtrack as soon as it’s released…

Yeah, just been keeping up with it on Kotaku.

It’s certainly an INTERESTING game, I can say that much. It might make it here if it does pretty well, and if the ESRB aren’t complete dicks about rating it.

This isn’t exactly news, but the main character of this game, Vincent, was introduced in Persona 3 Portable. That was a pretty nifty move by ATLUS in my opinion.