No... simply... no.

clicka cough cough cough-hack hack hack cough cough-NO! cough

How does a guy like this get his own fansite? Wrongness beyond belief…

What the hell is that?

The one word that springs to mind is… why???

Never heard of Teckwen Whittock, the millionaire cheat? Friend of Charles Ingram? Convicted criminal? :wink:

Oh I heard of him Neb, I even saw that episode. But like you said…no what is the point?

Are you sure this is a real fanpage? Surely, a millionare cheat can cheat himself into a fanpage? Or pay himself to one?

Of course he has a fanpage: They’re hoping he’ll be touched and give them some money.

Neb, did anyone ever tell you that you have a penchant for obsessing about British people that no one stateside has ever heard of?

Oh god -_-.

Did anyone else see that show? He did cough a hell of a lot.

God, he coughed for the same answer about 5 times on each question. Also, he made it so obvious at one point when he went: “coughcough Yes.”

Granted it doesn’t work at all in text form :stuck_out_tongue:

I remember that.

Regis Phillbin: Do you?

Me: Uhh…

:enguard: coughyescough

Me: YES!

Errr Dante… I laugh at you. Go research why.

What did I do this time. Whatever, I’m going home and putting a gun in my mouth.

Er… Everyone needs a hobby, yes, yes.