NO! It's happening again!

What, again? Didn’t they get enough last year? :slight_smile:

Well, at least Snake has a better chance than last year (he isn’t going against nine hundred Squaresoft characters this time). My entry’s already in.

…or not.

Meh, not enough new characters. My entry is in but unless something goes incredibly different, like people hating Link because of Wind Waker, Link should win again :stuck_out_tongue:

They matched Raiden against Snake… how fair is that? I liked Raiden much more.

Dalton: Snake’ll kick Raiden’s ass! Unless, of course, everyone that votes is a stoner, or simply like to see naked guys running around. tries to forget that mental image

Niiiiiiice. Heh. Well we’ll see who turns out this time.

I just Hope Samus does better this year.

I can’t wait for the threads like last year.

<b>Gamefaqs Charater Battle</b>
Plz go voet 4 Kloud so an RPG ccharacter can won.

Looks like our (the PW board’s) efforts were in vain ;_; (We tried to get The Rock as an option, but I guess since he is a real person in addition to a game character he can’t be used)

If I can ever get my account again kicks ATTBI then I’m going to vote for Kasumi for every one she’s in/may be in even though I know she won’t win. Just because it’s Kasumi.


At least we, here at RPGClassics dot com, would never use our bandwidth on something like that: Would we?

Maybe we should, with title characters of various RPGs.