No game is worth THAT much O.o

SOTN going for an absurd price

That’s utterly incredible, but also WAY overpriced. Whomever bids on this is an idiot <.< Geez, you save 90% of that price by getting the Greatest Hits version.

Edit: The auction was over… I’m glad no one bidded on it, which gives me a bit of hope for humanity <.<

My God.

Jeez, I have a copy that cost me five bucks.

Ha! Maybe an extra 4 was accidentally added, and even then that’s too much.

That’s insane. Who in their right mind would pay 500 dollars for a game, and wait for it to be shipped… especially when you can just go to Fred Meyer and get the exact same game for the same price

On a side note, finding a game that’s never been opened isn’t hard. I bought Final Fantasy Origins for $15, and it had never been opened. :hahaha;

I love that game, not for 500 dollars… but I do love it.

I payed 60 dollars for my copy of Final Fantasy Tactics after it was out of print and before it made greatest hits… The guy at the funco land that sold it to me was even saying how I needed to take upmost care of it and treasure it for all eternity.

lol, I still have my 3 back up copies that I got when it made greatest hits.

My friend gave me a mint copy of that for ten bucks. =P


The people on E-bay keep getting more retarded.


When I first saw this thread, I thought it was a necropost of Halo2 being sold early for what was it… $200?

Actually, despite being re-released as a Greatest Hits, the game is STILL really hard to find. Especially a sealed non-greatest hits version. Mostly because no one is really willing to sell their copy.

But $400 is a bit much, indeed. I got mine for $20. :victoly:

I find it a bit ironic that you would say that of all people, Shin.

I’ve seen Panzer Dragoon Saga go for about $300 unsealed. Then again, it had only 10,000 pressings (done in two batches of 5000) or so.

<img src=“”> My lord, who stupid enough to bid on that auction? Heck, I got my copy of SotN from ebay for only 15 dollars (had the game before, but destroyed by hitting the cement of a driveway).

I agree.

But FF Origins is still new. You can still find it easily in normal stores. SotN hasn’t been sold for many years.

Kyaa…if you’re gonna pay that much for that game, at least get the rarer Saturn version! :\

toast And how.

Yikes,thats a little too much for that game,heck I got my copy for what 20 bucks,I’m glad that no one was stupid enough to bid.

Mate, Check this Auction:

Crazy. O_o

Edit: Also a couple of Auctions in Australia for the collectors edition of the game:

Bloody crazy. However, due to lack of stock (I’ve checked various Australian stores), I think the $300AUD copy will sell. O_O