No Dragon Warrior V?

It looks like Square-Enix has said they have no plans to bring the PS2 remake of Dragon Quest V to North America.

This, I think, sucks royally. I can’t see why they’re not. I thought with this merger we would see MORE of the series Stateside. It can’t be graphics or outdated design, Final Fantasy Origins was just released on the PS1 last year and did fairly well. Despite the fact that Enix bought out Square in this merger, it doesn’t look like they’re being treated very fairly…

There’s also no word of Wild ARMS Alter Code F being released Stateside yet, this makes me upset, I was looking forward to those two remakes.

FF is popular and sells, DQ does not.

Wild Arms 3 bombed pretty badly last I heard, so that’s why it ain’t coming(yet).


::doh:: :too bad; :thud:

You know DW5 Remake sold like 700,000 copies in Japan, in less then a week.
I don’t know why they wouldn’t bring it to America. They’d make some more cash if they did.

I suppose that’s the sad truth. I’m still ticked over it all though. But I didn’t know Wild ARMS 3 <i>bombed</i>, it was a great game. Or were most gamers like ‘omg teh grafix sux, liek celda lolz’, it’s people like THAT which cause stuff like this to happen.

Just like when Sony of America put the stop to the PS2 Goemon game because they thought it was ‘graphically inferior’, I was SO pissed when I heard that…

NO. Man, this bites. What do I have to do to get to enjoy more Dragon Warrior, mod my PS2 and fucking learn Japanese? Knowing my luck, 6 and 8 won’t be brought over either.

I wish that there was something that fans could do, but it probably wouldn’t work. Dammit.

There need to be more people like us working for these companies and making descisions. ><

Which could lead to their demise within weeks.
Give it to Charle and it’ll be days.

They should release these games unter the title “ESPN Football 2006” and “ESPN Basketball 2006”, that way we would be happy, since we would have two great japanese RPGs, and everyone else would be happy, since if you slap “ESPN” and a date on a game every guy that goes to my college will buy a copy and pretend to enjoy it.

Can you say…

Man this sucks,Dragon Warrior is a great game is a shame it won’t come this way,but if fore some reason the games Wild Arms Alter Code and Another Code F,and Dragon Warrior 8 don’t come,somebody is going to die.

I don’t know about other gamers, but I passed on it becuase the reviews were average and I thought that WA2 was all right, but nothing special.