Nipples of Venus

Anyone ever had these awesome little desserts? :smiley:

eyes you warily

What are they? Pic, please. :stuck_out_tongue:

<a href=“”>Here</a>. These things rock.

yeah that would help and who came up with a name like that

… and I was going to ask if you had been watching Amadeus.

Actually, yes. Our humanities teacher made them for us when it came to that scene.

[Crotanks] Lesse if I can find a recipe for Nipples of Venus…
[OmegaflareX] O.O
[OmegaflareX] FOR WHAT!?
[Crotanks] To eat
[Crotanks] Suh
[Crotanks] Duh*
[OmegaflareX] What the fuck is Nipples of Venus? :stuck_out_tongue:
[Crotanks] Its a food :stuck_out_tongue:
[OmegaflareX] What type of food is it?
[Crotanks] Its a sweet
[Crotanks] They kickass
[OmegaflareX] Ah

Mm…they look nipulicious.

Chocolate boobage! Must have!

[Homer Simpson style]Nipples…drools[/Homer Simpson style]

NOne of you have ever heard about Nipples of venus? Jeez, y’all suck :stuck_out_tongue:

…NOT the nipples.

Meh at sweet chocolate!

sounds sweet… but i bet they’re shit compared to her real nipples

I’d like to tenderly wrap my tongue around it and perhaps suckle on the white chocolate tip.

[INSERT VARIATION ON “I want some of these! :smiley: :smiley: :D” HERE]

EDIT: Oh, and I’m reminded of a Blackadder quote, when he says that actors had “their chests thrust so far out you’d think their nipples were attatched to a pair of charging elephants.”