Nintendo's rereleasing GC games with Wii Controls

Am I the only one who thinks this is just an easy way out of making first party titles for the Wii? “We could make something new, but instead, lets rely on 3rd parties releasing Fitness and ‘sport’ shovelware while we just dump GC games with new controls?”

If the game is better with Wii controls, sure.

Also, link?

They re-released pikmin and metroid prime 1 in Japan. Nothing in the US yet :(.

Theyve had Pikmin and Mario Tennis out here since March. How have you missed it?

No Metroid Prime 1 though, how crazy is that? They’ll bring PIKMIN, but not METROID? Urgh…

I imagine Metroid Prime will hit here soon enough (though I just hope they’re not saving it for a ‘Holiday title’)

From what I’ve heard of the impressions of people who have played the import, Metroid Prime Wii does exactly what you think it does, ports Prime 3’s controls to Prime 1. Plus a few other extras, like alternate ways to unlock the Fusion content I think.

To me, that’s the best combination ever. I loved Prime 3’s control scheme, and Prime 1 was the best overall game in terms of world and level design. It’s two great tastes that taste great together, at least I certainly hope so.


I absolutely loved Prime 1 (and Prime 2, to a lesser extent) but I struggled to get into 3, I dunno if it was the unfamiliar controls or the structure of the game itself. I’m hoping that if I go over #1 again on the Wii, maybe that’ll get me into more of a ‘mood’ for Prime 3. Perhaps.

It’s a cool idea if it doesn’t delay the release of 1st party titles. Not all games need Wii controls though. What’s the asking price?

This isn’t doing Nintendo any favors. The Wii is already losing ground thanks to a lackluster software library. The company didn’t spend enough time on software quality control and just plain teaching developers HOW TO USE THEIR CONTROL SCHEME. Plus the whole Wii sensor is more than a little iffy in responsiveness at times.

I love my Wii, I’ll admit, but I’m not excited about re-buying possibly five-year-old titles just so I could swing my wrists around some more. Especially since I got every one of them on clearance for about thirty bucks. Total. Along with Eternal Darkness, Resident Evil 4, and Smash Bros Melee. And they work just fine with the GameCube controller, thank you very much.

30 bucks US.

d Galloway: the wii not losing ground. The Wii’s 3rd party developers are in shit, for sure, but the Wii is fine. The day Wii Fit passed Halo 3 in sales is proof of that.

Wii sales have slumped in Japan. The PS3 out sold it last month.

Japan is a ridiculous market because very few products work at all. Its really hard to make any generalization regarding it because it is not representative of the market at large. Japan occupies less than 20% of the video game market; for example, the only reason the PSP is still a semi viable platform is because of the miraculous sales of pokemon for teenagers (monster hunter G). Saying that the PS3 outsold the wii is meaningless because software sales for the PS3 are still abysmally low, even for so called blockbuster titles.

Console wars aside…

Is Pikmin a good game at all? I’ve never played any of them before. Would it be worth picking up the Wii version for the sake of the bonuses? Or try to find the GCN version? Or not bother at all?

I’m tempted just to pick up Pikmin just for the sake of finally collecting that Pikmin trophy for SSBM. <_<

Pikmin is quite an interesting game. The 1st is a bit iffy (to me) due to the fact you’re basically working by the clock, while the 2nd does away with the time scheme and has you focusing on the other stuff. Btw, I hear Europe or JP is supposed to get Pikmin 2 with the revamped controls soon.

I even actually had the chance to play Pikmin with the new play controls. It actually works pretty well.

I’d forgotten all about that one. Then again, I already had it due to copying my cousin’s save to my memory card and working from there. Ended up with 285 out of ~289(?) Trophies

I dimly recall reading somewhere that Japan has slipped to 3rd behind Europe in terms of market share. Either way, there’s a huge schism between the Japanese markets and the western markets that’s only been growing since the middle of the decade. I doubt Nintendo’s losing too much sleep over a slow month. I doubt Sony’s losing much sleep either, but that’s because they’re still delusional about the market appeal of the PS3.