Nintendo Wii Wifi issues and related oddities...

So all of a sudden, I can’t seem to go online with my wii, by means of a USB Connector. I got an error code and googled it; it suggested reinstalling the software, I did. But now I’m getting other error codes.

Namely, when I test my connection, I get Error Code 52140. I googled that and went here:


I followed the instructions therein, but I only see one DNS address, not the two that I apparently should see. All the same, I put in one of them and left the “alternate” field blank. Same error message.

On TOP of that, whenever I try to connect to the internet, all my browsers stop working, and continue to not work until I unplug the dongle. My internet connection is apparently still active, as my IMers still seem to work.

So…any insight?

Hm… sadly I have never used a wi-fi USB adaptor. I have seen where the ISP only provides one DNS server though. That’s not unheard of. Sadly I have little advice to offer other than plugging in the dongle, while it’s plugged in open system (in control panel), click the hardware tab, go to device manager, locate your USB wi-fi adaptor (probably in network connections), right click and uninstall it from there. Restart the PC and test it from there.

Does it do this issue on other Pcs?

You could also try a winsock reset

open a command prompt window

type the following two commands, hitting enter after them:

netsh winsock reset catalog

netsh int ip reset log.txt

See if those make a difference.