Nintendo reports loss, new console on its way.

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[b]First off, the article specifically said it wasn’t a portable or a console. :boring:

Anyway… in my opinion, I don’t think this is such a bad idea. I’ve had my GCN since the day it released and have never once regretted buying it. The money I’ve shoveled out has kept my insanity safely where it belongs:mwahaha: I can’t wait to see what they’re coming up with next.

As for Nintendo going through systems “so fast”, there haven’t
been THAT many. N64 and GCN lasted a combined… 7 years I think? Sony has had two systems in about the same time, maybe a little bit longer. If you think about it, it’s really not that horrible. With as fast as technology is advancing, I don’t blame Nintendo for coming up with something new.

For a demonstration of how fast games are getting better, I’d suggest finding a video of a game called “Stalker: Oblivion Lost” for PC. very… very impressive::dekar!:: [/b]

Originally it said that it would be a console. Here is the new article where gamespot corrected themselves and they also went back and corrected orignal article

Man, if their new console isn’t backwards-compatable, Nintendo is going to go down the drain. Switching consoles every other year so that you have to ditch your old console’s library is sooo 1980s. :fungah:

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[b]Wow, neither console nor portable…

I wonder what it could be…:get it?: [/b]

<img src=“”> A portable console.

That’s why I’ve stuck to the PS2 (and GameBoy). they are going to still be in circulation for quite some time to come.

I never liked GC. I don’t know why, most people I know already had things against it even before it was released.