Nintendo DS

Should be getting one of these in a couple of days from a friend, unfortunately it only comes with Pokemon Dash (ewww) and Metroid Prime Hunters: First Hunt Demo, so could someone recommend some games?

WarioWare is a good game; insane, but good.

I am gonna get a DS as soon as Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrows comes out. That game looks like the next SoTN.

Mario 64 DS is a good pick up. Thats about it, coming up in the next few months, though, we’ve got Lunar Genesis, teh new Castlevania, Mario Kart DS and thats about it. For the moment the DS is a complete waste of money if you own a GBA. If not it’s worth the pick up.

Meteos, Polarium, and Kirby Canvas curse.

Theres really nothing too fantastic out for it in North America at the moment, at least in my opinion =\

WarioWare touched fucking sucks. If you really want decent warioware, pick up Twisted, its WAYYYAYYAYAYSYYASyaysaskjghrkjthgqwawd better.

I second the reccomendations for Meteos, WarioWare, and Kirby: Canvas Curse. I also reccomend Mr. Driller and Pac-Pix.

And I do agree with Dev, Twisted is much better than Touched, and neither are as good as the original.

Ehhh, it looks like I won’t be getting one now (unless I fork out 150 Euro for it brand new, 150 Euro I don’t have) since he’s decided not to sell it :frowning:

mabye i might get one for metroid prime hunters and castle vania and super mario