Nintendo DS: Squareware

I read in a gameinformer magazien yesterday at Shaws about the DS, and it appears that FFIV, FFV, FFVI, ChronoTrigger, (and a few other games I can’t remember by name) are to be released on the DS potentially.

I heard a lot of rumours about this, but I haven’t seen anything confirmed yet. Would it be possible for you to scan the page, or find something to link to on the web?

I couldn’t find the article on however, I found a near duplicate on

Square Enix considers DS ports
By Hirohiko Niizumi, GameSpot
07/28/04 02:11 PM

TOKYO–Square Enix is contemplating porting a number of classic Square games to the Nintendo DS. According to early purchasers of Final Fantasy I & II for the Game Boy Advance in Japan, a questionnaire postcard included with the game asks the customers which game they would most like to see appear on Nintendo’s upcoming handheld device. Available options were Final Fantasy III, Final Fantasy IV, Final Fantasy V, Final Fantasy VI, Seiken Densetsu, the Saga series, Front Mission, Chrono Trigger, Hanjuku Hero, and the Chocobo series.

Interestingly, the Final Fantasy titles that were released on the Super Nintendo, namely IV, V, and VI, were all grouped into a single check box on the questionnaire form. Final Fantasy III, which was released on the original Nintendo, was given a check box of its own. No Enix games, such as Dragon Quest, appeared on the form, though there was an area to write in a game not on the list.

In addition, I read something at about a FFVII game to be released only on high end cellphones in Japan{9CCC06C5-5B5B-40D3-B8D5-B6E95BA67242}&NRCACHEHINT=Guest

Um yeah, that was exactly the same article that I just linked to. And it’s nothing concrete yet.

If you want any more information on the cell phone Final Fantasy, you should check out the various Advent Children threads in the forum. I think we’ve talked about those two topics to death…

The cell phone game is called FF7: Before Crisis and stars the Turks. As for the other stuff, yes, it’s just rumors. Rumors are rumors. Call me when this stuff is concrete. 8p

My applogies. I made an effort to examine the logs prior to posting this to see if the DS material had been posted or not. Apparantly I missed a topic with some red flashing lights with sirens and an entire S.W.A.T. Team doing the YMCA in traditional Russian Uniform.

FFIII for sure. As for the rest, that’s all for now:

Square Enix has stated that it will be releasing five games for Nintendo’s new portable, including Egg Monster Heroes, a remake of Final Fantasy III, a new Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles title, a new Dragon Quest Monsters title, and a yet to be revealed title. Look for more information on this secret new game in the upcoming weeks.

I thought Sqaure said no more games of FF or anthing else by them for Nintendo!

If some one says ‘We’ll Never work together again’ Murphy’s or Sod’s law dictates that unless death happens to all of one party, they will work again together.

Big Nutter
in other words, they won’t work in the for-seeable future

And here it comes:

[QUOTE]Nintendo DS will launch in the United States on Nov. 21 at an MSRP of $149.99[/QUOTE]
My Christmas present

Thats quite the pretty penny. Alas for final fantasy we will do all. Ill be lucky to get it mostly because of the money.

A pretty penny? That’s a hell of a price for a brand new handheld.

The PSP will probably be somewhere between 200-300 dollars.

Mmmyep, that is a pretty good price for a new handheld. I was expecting it to go for at least 50 bucks more than that. I’m glad Nintendo recognizes that most gamers are on a tight budget.