Ninja Gaiden coming out next month!

w00t! This is the game I’ve been waiting forever for!
Anyone else excided as well? It comes out December 15.

Here is a Gameplay movie for Ninja Gaiden:

If I still have to deal with those damn hawks I’m gonna kill something.

Oh, and the original NES Ninja Gaidens (1, 2, and 3) will be bonus’ in the Xbox Ninja Gaiden.
The arcade version isn’t confermed yet, but is highly likely.

Hmm … Ninjas.

I hope it doesn’t turn out as bad as Shinobi for PS2. God, that game sucked .

<img src=“”> Looks like a winner for me. is glad to owna X-Box :smiley:

Stupid Crap box had to crap out on me, it could have at least stayed intact till project ego. :too bad; Goes to buy a Gamecube

You could send it to Microsoft to get it repaired ya know.

It seems a bit cliché.
And I don’t own a X-Box, and have no plans about buying a X-Box. So unless someone gives me a X-Box, I won’t own a X-Box and be able to play this X-Box game.

It is a X-Box game, right?

I don’t like his new outfit and the big sword. I don’t know if those beasts appeared in the first games in later stages, but from what I’ve played from Ninja Gaiden so far I have only seen street thugs and martial artists. I liked it that way. And last but not least, I hope they haven’t screwed up with the soundtrack too. I still have mid’s from old NES ninja gaiden.

I hope I get to assasinate Billy soon…

Cool, but must you c/p images? A link would work just as well, and also be less evil on 56k’ers.

And yeah, Shinobi was a helluva disappointment. Maybe this time it’ll be better…

Originally posted by Uriel
I hope I get to assasinate Billy soon…

Don’t do the h8.
Xbox is gr8.