NiGHTS: Lucid Dreaming

So NiGHTS: into dreams… has probably one of the most unique gaming atmospheres out there. The level design, the vibrant colors, and the music. Great music (as long as you can suffer through 20+ versions of “Dreams Dreams”). If there was one thing that helped save the disappointment that was NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams, it was the music; however, due to the overall lacking of the game, I think the music isn’t quite as appreciated.

There are some awesome remixes, official and un-, out there of the original NiGHTS’ music. Some of my favorites center around Suburban Museum and Under Construction, each child’s respective final unique dream. Well, OverClocked has put out an album of NiGHTS: into dreams… remixes. From what little I’ve been able to listen to so far, it’s pretty rad.

Czech it out.

In a dream I can see, you are not far away…

NiGHTS is a game I’ve always wanted to play but never could due to not having the console (Dreamcast, and now Wii). It looks like a really cool game.

First console was Saturn. Never came out on DC. But I get your point. Saturn emulators have progressed quite a bit. It might be playable on one, but you would need a USB controller to truly enjoy it. Keyboard would kill the controls.

I wanted a Saturn…I dreamed of being able to play NiGHTS and Panzer Dragoon, but I wuz po’. ;-;

Saturn, there you go. Turns out it came out on the PS2 in Japan only, as well.

There’s not many emulators I am willing to play with a keyboard, and use a USB controller just about all the time. I should try looking for a Saturn emulator sometime.

I thought Journey of Dreams was okay, but you really, really need to use a controller instead of the nunchuck. It’s so rare to see colorful games that just oodles pure FUN like that. It makes me happy just looking at the graphics.

Ditto on “wanting to play but not having the means to.”

Never really gave the soundtrack a go, but there’s a handful of OC Remixers on the list I wouldn’t mind checking out (LuIzA and Sixto Sounds always put up a good show and ProtoDome just released a banging chip album on ubiktune).

Slightly off topic, did anyone else check out the “Links Awakening” OC Album?

Thanks for the tip, I hadn’t noticed the LA album.

About 2 years ago when my friend tried to use a Saturn emulator to play Panzer Dragoon Saga again, he failed spectacularly. Hope someone actually does it.