Nickelodeon Greenlights New Series From the Creators of Avatar: The Last Airbender

There is no emoticon that properly expresses the joy I feel over this.

Let’s start with five jubilant Marles and work our way up from there.


I wonder if they’ll go into the story of Zuko’s mother as a flashback or if it’ll be a short spin off.

I give it whatever these emoticons are called: :hyperven::hyperven::hyperven: :dancer::dancer:

It takes place 70 years after the original and stars a female waterbending Avatar.

I am incredibly, super-duper hyped about it.

I am literally surprised that Wilf didn’t post this.

I’m sure the fact that Aang (by necessity) and most likely the rest of the cast will be dead at the time will probably be disappointing to many viewers. Heck, I wanted to see more of Aang, the quest for Zuko’s mother, and (possibly?) Azula being cured of her insanity.

Of course, there’s a loophole: Korra will (presumably) get to speak with Aang’s spirit (though he’ll likely appear as an old man) at some points, and HE can tell her about such things- maybe even provide flashbacks?

Anyway: the fact this is being done by the same people who made the original series almost insures it will be a quality product and that it’ll be worth watching for its own sake. :slight_smile:

Admittedly,. it’s still possible the original cast would be alive seventy years later, given how young the cast is and how prone to longevity benders seem to be. Though I hope either they are dead or just never appear for long, for the simple reason that it gives the creators a chance to start anew. Let the old cast have their own untold adventures. Give us something new to work with.

I can’t wait for live action movie adaptation from M. Night Shyamalan.

Val: I’m sure we’ll have cameos from at least some of the characters when least we expect it (and old Sokka would be a hoot to watch! :smiley: ) But you know who it just occurred to me would make a GREAT tie-in between the series?

Kaz, the face-stealing spirit! (I think that was its name?)

The thing was CREEPY, both in appearance and demeanor. And as far as I know it was never punished for its evil acts (stealing faces, and causing the death of an Avatar’s lover). I would just love to see Korra be the Avatar that finally kills it.

I’m literally surprised anyone over the age of 10 would give a shit.

Sorry, just had to throw that in there. Continue.

Koh, Wil.

Also, don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it, DR. Yeah, it’s ostensibly a kids’ show. So was Batman: the Animated Series.

I’ve been knocking it before trying it so long that I’ve completely lost interest in trying it and just like knocking it. I no longer have any logical grounds to hate on it. I just do it…cuz.

SG: Don’t. I have no interest in seeing it after hearing how awful a movie it is - both from fans and just regular critics. It’s apparently a real stinker.

I’m fairly certain SG was being sarcastic.

GG: Thanks. You’ll excuse me for not remembering that… thing’s… name correctly. I only saw that episode once. Seriously, I find it hard to believe they included it in a “kids” show, it would’ve given me nightmares as a child. Have I mentioned I hate centipedes?

Cid: I’d like to judge the Live Action movie by myself but my movie-going budget is limited (nor do I always have a ride) so I only go the movies I REALLY know I’m going to enjoy (like Toy Story 3); the rest I catch in DVD or TV. So maybe in sixth months.

I don’t normally like anime cuz i’m heterosexual and an adult.

Avatar is not anime. It’s American-made. (Sorry, a pet peeve of mine.)

And come now, Wil. Traumatizing children is a hallmark of most beloved children’s entertainment. Look at any of the classic Disney movies! :wink:

puts a sliver of fish on a slab of rice Oh hey it’s still sushi regardless of my nationality. eats it with smug satisfaction that he’s made his point

People who confuse an animation style with a genre are more even more homosexual, Charlemagne. Just sayin’.

So the first season of Big O was produced in Japan. But the second season was produced in America… is the second season no longer anime?

Whether it’s American or Japanese, saying that you “Don’t like anime” infers that you view it as a genre and not a style. Nice try though!