Next Generation for just $250

Wii price announced. Rejoice! :slight_smile:

Will likely be EUR250 or £150 for us PAL people too, so all is well. Or, in other terms, 2 1/2 Wiis= 1 PS3. :-p

They went over 200. :frowning:

They said it wouldnt be over 250.

That’s better than 600, so I’ll prolly save up some cash someday.

Well, next generation in name only :stuck_out_tongue: But still, i’ll be getting one on launch day. 250 isn’t bad, but i was hoping they’d pull a dreamcast, and make it 199.99USD

As expected.

Yep just as acspected. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Wasn’t this proven to be 250$ at like E3?

Proven? By whom? And no, it wasn’t “proven”, it was rumored to be 250USD, but this is the official announcement.

Lower prices? Wii! (Yes, I feel that corny.)

Pull a dreamcast? I.e. stop producing consoles?

Have a price point lower than 200USD at launch.

more like “oui” amirite

Hasn’t every Nintendo system been $199.99 at launch?

I know, I was joking.

Yes, aside from the NES, which was $299 at it’s initial launch in NY and other select markets, and dropped to $249 at it’s nationwide launch with an optional “Action Pak” available for $199 if you didn’t want your robot.

I’d have had no problem paying whatever amount, I just thought it was a cool tradition. :frowning:

It would be hard to keep that tradition up considering the prices of gas, technology, and creating a new slim likeable look.

gas in venezuela is like 0.02$ a liter

And free if you’re royalty in Saudi Arabia. (doh)