Newbie~~~~ eep

Don’t kill me because im different :stuck_out_tongue:
Yus, i hope to post on this forum lotsly because my life is boring now that all my friends are too busy with boring college work to come out, so yea… Vestiges vargos… im also gonna be working on a shrine for this game

P.s. <---- need an avy

Welcome to RPGC! Here, have a cookie.



Enjoy your stay.

Since Cala isn’t here:

Since Charl isn’t here:

I am so defenestrating you mr. VV

Hello, I’m Strong Bad … and you don’t know it yet, but I’m the reason you’re here.

I’m Yar Kramer.

I’m Mayl.

I’m Dynamo.

I’m … Look, do I really need to introduce myselves?


hello :wave:

Hey, welcome.


Gemini: Welcome. I am Gemini.
Evil Piggy: What’s up? I Like Bacon!
Gemini: So, How’s it going?
Evil Piggy: I want Bacon! I want Bacon!
Joey: Why do Evil Piggies talk in pink text?
Gemini: Why does Joey Talk in Blue?
Joey: I wanted to flip them off.

Kills VV because he’s different

What, you all knew it was coming!

:wave: Hello and welcome

NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, BAD!!!

That is a negative…

Now all i need to do is figure out how too add my own avatar…
My kitten says hi… shes 1 month old and has a cold and keeps sneezing at my face. o.o

Gemini: Ten Posts are all you need for a custom avatar!
Joey: And 1000 to get your own custom title!
Gemini: 1000? That’s a lot!

Joey: Then you go to your edit options menu to change your avatar. It’s just that easy!

Get a few more posts, and tell your kitten “AWW! HIIIIIIIIII!!!” for me.

You get special treatment: I never post on welcome threads. ^.~

*stealing TD’s line

LOOK! It’s Vargos, the halfling thief! AND HE IS CARRYING A TWELVE PACK OF MOUNTAIN DEW!!!

Originally posted by Valkyrie Esker
Kills VV because he’s different
What, you all knew it was coming!

Damn, you stole my line Val. Oh well, welcome aboard new guy.

Get it? ABOARD, cause theyre message boards! :hahaha; :hahaha; ah I kill me.

Sneaks up behind CH and strangles him to death and sets his hat on fire.


Eep, first thread and already my presence has killed people :open_mouth:

There is a lot of violence in this thread o.O

Let’s have some NOT violence, then! [glomps Vestiges Vargos and starts chewing on his soul]