New Years Resolutions

So really, you have no resolutions? :stuck_out_tongue:

I resolve to read Pride and Prejudice once a year so I may remind myself that humanity is not wholly cruel.

P.S., people stop resolving to get girlfriends, you are all going to die cold and alone. Especially you Hades. Especially you. :stuck_out_tongue:


Erm, interestingly enough, my resolution isn’t about gettign a lfie partner… jsut to finally meet my online boyfriend of about three years face to face this year.

I might as well put in a resolution.

-Become more mature.
-Learn to ignore people.
-Get a gold for solo. (>_> comon comon comon)

-win the kentucky derby
-get 984 to ban me
-win the kentucky derby
-profit from previously listed items

  1. Eat healthier
  2. Makes abs more define
  3. No pop/soda
  4. run everyother day(basically get my cardio up.)

Thats all for me really, I cant think of anymore. -_-

  • get back into shape

  • get a job

  • more gaming

kill you for taking my joke

Cro man. You played football

I never played, but people use to beg me to because I could whoop some ass :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. Buy a house and get my furniture out of storage and into it.
  2. Exercise more than I currently do (shouldn’t be too hard, I aimed low).
  3. Not get banned by The 984.
  4. Beat Duriel.
  5. Get paid! (but not for beating Duriel)

Number three won’t happen if you come down South for some The Varsity.

  1. Find my license
  2. Get my French teacher to have a mental breakdown in class
  3. Clean/wash my car
  4. Get a Wii

Haha, it’s probably true. I’m actually starting to hate them, and not even out of spite. They’re just so retarded sometimes -_-;;

Well, it probably wouldn’t be too hard to find a good one if I was really looking.

Stop being so goddamned awesome. Clearly, I am setting myself up for failure.

I generally do not make resolutions specifically for the beginning of a new year; I make them whenever I feel like it and begin them immediately, since I find it much more practical in my life.

Regardless, my present resolutions are:

  1. Firstly, finish my MA (if not by this April, then sometime this summer). I need only to complete two more courses this term, and then defend my thesis. All of my other resolutions are inferior to this.

  2. After that, find a teaching job and begin working off my student-loan debt. It is not that much, but I want to have it off of my back before I enter a PhD programme.

  3. Find a girlfriend. There are plenty of possibilities all around me; I need to make up my mind and choose someone.

  4. Resume the rigorous fitness regime of alternating weightlifting and aerobics that I kept up a few years ago. I still exercise regularly, but not as often as I once did. I also want to do more yoga, which ought to be easier since I now have my own yoga mat. I shall keep up salsa dancing, too.

  5. Resume writing lyric poetry, and perhaps also begin writing fiction.

  6. Travel to Great Britain and/or Europe this summer, or whenever after I finish my degree.

  7. Learn a new language. I learnt some Classical Greek a few years ago, but I never got a chance to learn a lot. I should like to resume one day.

  8. If I get Diablo II back from someone who borrowed it from me, then I shall play online with anyone here (like Victoria of the Mint) who wants the company of a valiant paladin.

Stick to my study timetable.

pwn TD.

-Drink tap water
-Eat ice cream
-Drink iced juice
-Eat chocolates
-Drink milk
-Eat beef
-Drink gin
-Eat fruit w/o peeling it

Yeah, just returned from India. Happy new year, everyone.