New Years Resolutions

If any, what are yours?

I resolve to:

  • Get my room cleaned before the beginning of Spring semester

  • Find a job

  • Continue working on my webcomic

that sounds like a good one right there. I’d say up my gpa, but this next semester has 9 hours of classes that I doubt will help that.

I resolve to get a CD recorded for my band.

I’m gonna be super mega awesome at working so I get a pay raise after 90 days.

Yeah, i should also get a job. And go to college. And relax. And beat FFV. And make more cookies, brownies, etc. And eat more cookies, brownies, etc.

My biggy is to lose some weight. Oh and maybe try that job thingy while I’m at it.

  • Get a girlfriend
  • Stop being so antagonistic
  • Put some solid work into achieving my goals

I resolve to not make any new years resolutions. Then again, I never make any new years resolutions. I’m such a lazy bastard.:hahaha;

I resolve to ban more of you fuckers from the chat and Agora.

I resolve to spend New Year’s Eve with my family (now that I’m past the infectious stage of chicken pox.) I missed Xmas, I’ll be damned if I miss New Year’s too!!

As for long-term resolutions, I don’t make those anymore. I resolved to focus on the present a while ago.

Get good grades in school, work on some art/writing project…and that’s about it. Haven’t thought much about it really.

Get this rash looked at, it’s really starting to itch…

Be in first 25 on my server to hit level 70

Get my shaman to 70 just as quickly

Start playing FFXI again

Get paid to go to college

Break one of the 220 weight class max records

When the snow goes away start running a few miles everyday

Bang eight chicks at the same time

Good luck on the four chicks.

I resolve to, once again, quit smoking. But that one takes a back seat this year to getting good grades, which I’m hoping to put unprecedented amounts of effort into throughout the whole of the semester.

> :ark:
> do something more than lay around on painkillers all day

2048 x 768 (dual monitors all the way).

  • Get 400 + points in my leaving cert so I can actually go to university I want to.

-Seduce Hades’ girlfriend.
-Make sure the 8 “chicks” with Lanyx are really transvestites.

-Get a job
-Buy a new PS2 controller
-Get a better math mark and not fail any of my classes
-Get a Girl Friend
-Buy a Deathstars CD
-Get my license
-Save some money for a car and my education
-Replay FF IV(file curropted :C)
-Continue writing my story

  • Eat 24 extra-cheese pizza without vomiting.
  • Finish my arcane idol to my secret Elder Pirate God, Capt’n Dreada’knu.
  • Begin my grand experiment on Salt and Pepper.

As you probably guessed, I have no real resolution.