New WoW PvP System

Incase anyone is wondering, it IS ridiculously easy to get GM gear.

I got 12k honor yesterday (The first day I really had a chance to PvP), and I had to work for 4 hours in the middle of it, and I went to a friend’s house to play melee for 3 hours after that.

It’s 22.5k honor to buy a GM one-hand weapon.

Indeed, I read up on it in the WoW forums. I grinded to Field Marshal on my Druid and these changes are_very_welcome. All the changes essentially make it so you don’t get penalized for not living and breathing WoW. Essentially, there is no more PVP grind anymore. Its just a point and reward system.

I’m looking forward to when BC comes out and Zero and I start wrecking shit. We have a plan to make a warlock / shadowpriest / mage / elemental shaman team, the core of which will probably be 2 warlocks, 1 shadow priest; we’ll see how much our shaman and mage buddies wanna join in.The point is simple: we’ll have burst dps out the ass and massive crowd control. PVP is so easy to abuse with these classes, it is ridiculous.

As an aside though, you are probably ridiculously well geared, Lanyx, so you probably have a little more ease than a fresh 60. Nevertheless, the point remains that it is much easier.

This intrigues me. So how exactly has it changed? What is really different from before?

Old system: a given amount of honor can be distributed. The honor is distributed in a way that depends on your rank and your distance from people above or below you. Each week, you lose a portion of your honor so to maintain a given rank , you need to at least do a given amount of work to have enough honor. Each rank requires a certain number of points accumulated. Getting the Field and Grand Marshal ranks is very difficult; being GM typically required 3 weeks of near non-stop play. If you had friends to play for you, it helped. People formed groups to do this. Certain servers also had the “GM group” where they controlled who accessed the high ranks and they had requirements as to how much you should be playing. It was very very political. Each rank had specific rewards.

New system: you get points like you get cash. You don’t lose points over time. You spend them as you go on the rewards of your choice. You get access to top gear and pick and choose which pieces you want, when you want them.