New Windows

For starters, this will be the image that I want to link to:

What’s the code for a “new” window that’s sized exactly the size of the image?

Personally, I don’t know, but why would you want a new window to pop up for that image?

Yeah. Why would you want to pop up a window for it?

The way it’s setup is that for MMBN4, there are certain spots on the map that when walked on, you’re forced to fight the boss. So on this page: , if I simply insert the image, gets sort of cluttered. I was thinking that, the viewer can simply click the area (linked to the screenshot), where it will create the new resized window with the image.

I believe it is only possible to resize the popup window using javascript, so I recommend creating a new page with anchors on it.

I used popup windows in a shrine for the enemies page. From what I (briefly) read, Cless is right. I still need to try stuff to see how resizing works with javascript, but this site looks like it could help:

Popup Windows

You could use

<A href="imagelocation/imagename.extention" target="_blank">WHATEVER</A>

but that wouldn’t resize the new window to the image size.

Edit: fucking forums and their weird HTML implementation.